From Chinese Speed to Chinese Quality
Source: Date:2021年10月18日

Anthem of CREC—“Trailbreaker”

  1. Focusing on quality improvement and advancing the quality revolution

  The Company continuously strengthens quality precision management, implements TQM at different levels and industries, and actively promotes the upgrade of the Company’s ISO9001 quality management system. We actively introduced advanced quality management methods such as superior performance management, carried out standardized technology and process transformation, and established process parameter and online quality monitoring systems. At the same time, we carried out quality comparisons with high-quality products from home and abroad, encouraged user-centered micro-innovation, improved user experience, and stimulated consumer potential to meet the needs of green environmental protection, sustainable development, and friendly consumption.

  2. Ensuring product quality and building quality projects

  Since late 2019, a number of key projects such as the Beijing-Zhangjiakou High-Speed Rail, a major supporting project for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, have been put into operation or successfully completed. We are encouraged by General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions on the operation of the Beijing-Zhangjiakou High-Speed Rail. We will continue to forge ahead and promote the transformation from Chinese Speed to Chinese Quality.

  A Consistent Winner of China’s Construction Industry Awards:

  Among the first winners of China Construction Engineering Luban Prize and China National Quality Engineering Award for 2020-2021 announced by China Construction Industry Association and China Construction Enterprise Management Association, 62 projects of CREC were on the list, including 11 winners of China Construction Engineering Luban Prize (domestic), four winners of National Quality Engineering Gold Award and 47 winners of National Quality Engineering Award.

  The 11 winners of China Construction Engineering Luban Prize (domestic) include the Phase I of Changchun Metro Beihu Line Project, the Phase I (Keyuan Avenue-Pingle Avenue) of Nanning Metro Line 2 Project, the Meishan-Chunxiao Bridge in Ningbo, the Guizhou Geological Archives and Geological Museum, the New Baishatuo Yangtze River Bridge along the Chongqing-Guiyang Railway, the Beijing Road Extension Project and the Binhe Yellow River Bridge in Yinchuan, the CTF Finance Center in Guangzhou, the Jinan Rail-cum-Road Yellow River Bridge along the Shijiazhuang-Jinan Railway, the customized factory building and supporting facility at the completion and delivery center for Boeing 737 MAX, the JQGTZFSG-6 section of the Weifang North Station building along the Jinan-Qingdao High-speed Railway, and the Phase I of Wuhan Metro Line 8 Project.

  The four winners of National Quality Engineering Gold Award are the Main Heating Pipe from Gujiao Xingneng Power Plant to Taiyuan and the Heat Exchange Station Project, the Phase I of Wuhan Metro Line 6 Project, the Phase I of Guangzhou Metro Line 14 Project, and the Shenzhen Metro Line 9 Project.

  The public communication network project for the Hainan Western Ring Railway and 46 other projects received the National Quality Engineering Award.

  As of 2020, China Construction Industry Association has granted China Construction Engineering Luban Prize to 2,810 projects, 200 of which, accounting for 7 percent, went to CREC. China Construction Enterprise Management Association has granted National Quality Engineering Award to 4,028 projects, including 172 National Quality Engineering Gold Awards. CREC took home 425 National Quality Engineering Awards, accounting for 10.55 percent, including 33 Gold Awards, accounting for 19.19 percent.

  Over the years, CREC has made successful efforts in pursuing the goal of quality improvement through sound management and brand building based on quality projects. To strengthen quality management and tighten the supervision on project quality and construction safety, we have implemented a series of measures such as business performance management, technical standardization and transformation, the management of common problems affecting project quality, and a red line mechanism for quality management. Comprehensive and targeted quality management has also been practiced at different levels and in different divisions.

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